Tukae: Our nominated charitiy

We are supporting the UK based charity  Tukae this year.

Tukae is a Tanzanian-initiated project led by personnel from the UK. Its remit is to assist in the alleviation of poverty through practical action in four broad areas: Health, Education, Job Creation and the Environment

In the late 90s, Father Stanislaus Baruti started working as a priest in the Amani area to improve the standard of living for the local community.Stephen Valentine, from the UK, visited the area in 2000, and met Fr Baruti. He was very concerned about the obvious poverty. Fr Baruti and Stephen decided to work together to develop their ideas. ‘Tukae’ which means ‘Let us be together’ in Kisaamba, the local language, began to take shape. In 2001, Stephen invited Althea Stevens, a friend from Cornwall to visit. She agreed to help and worked to set up Tukae as a UK Charity.

As a charity they rely on help from many sources, and at the same time offer exciting opportunities to individuals. By becoming a member or sponsor you can help support their work, either as a fund-raiser or a volunteer.