Death of Marcella Cornish & Edda Hanington

Marcella Cornish (mother of Helan who sings in the Choir) died on 7th January 2013 around 8.30 am at Okehampton Hospital.

Although Marcella is 94 years of age, still use to go to Church with Helan almost on all Sundays and weekdays (mostly on Wednesdays and Fridays). I found her always cheerful and calm and on one occasion she handed me her hymn book as she spotted me proceeding to the Altar for the mass without one.

She was admitted to RD&E hospital a few weeks ago and was moved to Okehampton Hospital last week. I had the privilege of visiting her a couple of times at RD&E and every day at Okehampton hospital. She was anointed before death and indeed had a very peaceful death. The details of her Requiem mass will follow soon.

Edda Hanington aged 88 too died on 7th January 2013 around 1.30 pm. She lived at Halwill junction at Walnut form. She was housebound for years due to her personal circumstances and therefore not many of us know her much. I was able to be present in her house for prayer for the dead just before the doctor’s arrival.  The details of her Requiem mass will follow soon.

As we continue to pray for the repose of the souls of Marcella Cornish and Edda Hanington, We as a parish convey hearty condolences to both the families.

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